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How far are you willing to go to solve a crime?

Travel to sunny California, and delve deep into the drug-filled Los Angeles of the 80’s. Experience being an L.A. detective and realize that sometimes, just like detective Foley from Beverly Hills Cop, you may need to stretch the laws a bit to suit your needs. Try some controversial methods to solve your case, all the while battling with the red tape of bureaucracy. Use all the new mechanics of Stakeout and Observation to learn more about your suspects.

The choices are yours, but are you willing to cross the line?

Detective: L.A. Crimes 3D box
Detective: L.A. Crimes expansion requires the base game!

Detective: L.A. Crimes expansion for 1-5 players, will let you play as a group of LAPD detectives working on three different cases, solve them in ascending order because each of them will affect another. Together they form a campaign that will put your skills to the test.

The expansion was officially released on March 28th, 2019.

If you are a fan of the base game this is an expansion you need to get!

Detective: L.A. Crimes component list
Detective: L.A. Crimes
Detective: L.A. Crimes

The premise of the game presented in the base of Detective is the same here with some slight changes. You will play as an LAPD detective, working under the command of an excellent Cheif Bradley. Gathering information, deducing clues, and following on a leads is the key to solve cases formed with a deck of cards. At the end of each case, you will fill a Final Report to gain victory points. You will win or lose each case based on the number of victory points you have earned, however the core of the game is the experience you’ve had.

Detective: L.A. Crimes

Detective: L.A. Crimes expansion is a campaign game. The three cases in the box are connected by one overall narrative thread. While playing, you might find clues that seem unconnected to the current case. Sometimes they are dead ends; sometimes they are clues you will need to solve upcoming cases. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t understand the significance of a clue when you first encounter it. Maybe that information will soon become crucial…

Detective: L.A. Crimes

Detective: L.A. Crimes expansion introduces a few new mechanics. For example, you will have an option to assign an observation to a suspect or a place of interest, to get even more in-depth vision of the situation. Additionally, in many circumstances, you will be able to do something off the books. These actions will generate extra stress, so you must be careful when you decide to take one or two of them. Finishing a case and answering questions before you are ready is not what you would want to do, but then again, sometimes doing something stressful may provide you with the exact answers that you are looking for.

Detective: L.A. Crimes expansion is set in relatively modern times and you, as the player, will have access to all data that can be found on the Internet. You can use Google Maps, Wikipedia, or any other source of data you may need. We call this mechanism “Breaking the Fourth Wall.”

As every great criminal story, this one starts with a dead body and a couple leads to follow. The Chief is trusting you, and you cannot let him down. Although, you must be cautious because this is a sensitive case, which makes it even more difficult to solve, but that never stopped a detective like yourself right?

Like you’ve deduced already, Detective: L.A. Crimes story takes place in the 80’s Los Angeles.

Detective: L.A. Crimes

Here is the detailed breakdown of all of the components that you are going to find in the expansion.

Detective: L.A. Crimes expansion box includes three case decks, 35 (plus cover card) each. Every case you are going to play is going to have you browsing through those decks. Each answer that you are going to give in your Final Report will be found there. The online component is important, but the case deck is the soul of each scenario.

The board game is double sided, allowing for some new mechanics to be used when playing certain scenarios.

The expansion includes five, double-sided character tiles. They will provide you with additional skill and abilities.

Detective: L.A. Crimes expansion includes a short, 4-page rulebook.



Detective: L.A. Crimes was released on March 28th, 2019 in English, Polish, and German. Other language editions are coming later this year. If you are interesed in Czech (Rexport), Russian (GaGa Games), French (IELLO), Italian (Pendragon), Spanish (Maldito) and Korean (Korea Board Games) version, please contact the respective distributors.

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GAME DESIGN: Ignacy Trzewiczek

GAME STORY: Ignacy Trzewiczek, Mateusz Zaród



RULEBOOK: Matt Dembek


ENGLISH TEXT EDITORS: Zara Otfinowski and Vincent Salzillo



GAME BOARD: Photos under the Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license
by Alan Light, Eric Fisher, JIRCA Library

CARDS: Photos under the Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license by: Alan
Light, Eric Fisher, Seattle Municipal Archives, dave_7, Jeremy Levine, Texas
State Library and Archives Commission, sv1ambo, Barbara Ann Spengler, rick,
David Merrett. Additional photo material under public domain license.

CHARACTER ID TILES: Photos under the Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)
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W. Waschington tile: Alan Light, Dunedin City Council Archives
E. A. Phillips tile: Alan Light, Seattle Municipal Archives
J. Morresy tile: Alan Light, Infrogmation of New Orleans
E. Grunberg tile: Alan Light, 888bailbond,
G. Ford tile: Robert Taylor, Seattle Municipal Archives, Eric Fisher
B. Reynolds tile: Alan Light, Seattle Municipal Archives, Eric Fisher
B. Tiere tile: Ken Marshall, Seattle Municipal Archives, Eric Fisher
J. K. Hudson tile: Seattle Municipal Archives, Eric Fisher

Additional photo material under public domain license.

RULEBOOK: Photos under the Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license by
Alan Light (photos of L.A.), Eric Fisher (the background photo).

Based on Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game by Ignacy Trzewiczek, Przemysław Rymer, and Jakub Łapot.

The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious and are in no way related to the ones shown on the pictures. No identification with actual people (living or deceased) or products is intended or should be inferred. Portal Games’ intention of using the images, based on public domain or CC BY 2.0 license, is to deliver an immersive overview of the ‚80s by exemplifying the reality of the times. Portal Games does not intend to violate the privacy or the moral rights of the depicted people.